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2010 was the inaugural year of MidaSports and within two months of concept we were up and running. Although we encountered some minor glitches along the way, our early adapters were extremely happy with their results. Our own founder netted a 250% return across his multiple leagues in 2010 drafting with this strategy. Approximately 50% of our 2010 users reached their respective championship games, here are what a few had to say:

“That draft strategy kicked a$$...it was a pleasure doing business with you.  I will have to keep utilizing your services in the future.“

“Drafting with rankings from MidaSports lead me to the playoffs in 5 of 6 leagues”

“You might be sitting on a gold mine here…”

“This site is excellent!”

Just like last year our mission at MidaSports is to provide our customers a competitive advantage in their fantasy football experience through the use of advanced statistical techniques using recent performance and the latest information.

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Draft Strategy

Your time is valuable. We are already doing the work so you might as well take advantage. With your subscription to MidaSports you have full access to our fully customizable draft strategy to be used at your disposal; one subscription can be used repeatedly if you are in multiple leagues. Input your individual league rules to develop your customized draft strategy based on the MidaIndex. We constantly monitor the news, preseason, and injury reports to keep our information current.

Avoid outdated magazines and hours of research by leveraging our services. Subscribe to MidaSports and experience the success enjoyed by others.

Our projections and MidaIndex based ranking covers the following positions and metrics:

QB, RB, WR, TE, K, Flex, Defense/Special Teams, DL, LB, DB

Pass Attempts, Completions, Yards, Interceptions, and Touchdowns

Rushing Attempts, Yards, Touchdowns

Receptions, Receiving Yards, Touchdowns

Points and Yards Allowed per Game,

Tackles, Sacks, Safeties, Deflected Passes, Interceptions, Forced Fumbles, Fumble Recovery, and Touchdowns



The MidaIndex is a value-based concept that is derived from our proprietary algorithms. It is fully customized to each of your fantasy league rules. We designed the MidaIndex to exploit the competition that relies on generic rankings and “Top 200” lists. Not only are these lists generic in that they do not consider individual league rules, but everybody uses them. Our mission at MidaSports is to provide our customers a competitive advantage in their fantasy football experience through the use of advanced statistical techniques customized to their league rules.


The key to drafting a winning fantasy football team is not collecting the players expected to score the most points.  Instead you need to select players that give you the best chance to beat your opponent in as many head-to-head position battles as possible each week (e.g. QB vs. QB).  To achieve this you need to draft the available players that will separate themselves from the rest of the pack.


This is exactly what the MidaIndex does.  It is derived for each player considering factors such as projected points, position depth, and number of starters per position, all unique to your league.  The value is normalized across all positions and ranks each player based on the expected contribution to your team, relative to all other players.


How does it work?


To illustrate how it works, considering the following results from the 2010 season:



With this data try grouping players with similar point totals within each position. 


The first thing you will notice is the stand-out season from Arian Foster, and the separation he had in terms of total points compared to Adrian Peterson.  Including AP, there was no real difference in the next 3 RBS with just over 2 points separating them over an entire season.


For the Quarterbacks there is a pretty steady decline in total points within the top 6, but then there is a big drop between Drew Brees and Matt Schaub.  This suggests that if you don’t land one of the top 6 QBs, any of the next 4 will do.


What kind of pattern do you see emerging with the top 10 Wide Receivers?


To illustrate the power of the MidaIndex we consider the top 24 picks in a 12 team league with three different starting lineup requirements:

  1. 1 QB, 2 RB, and 2 WR
  2. 1 QB, 1 RB, and 2 WR
  3. 1 QB, 2 RB, and 3 WR 

The different draft strategy is illustrated in the tables below.  As expected Arian Foster would be the top pick in all three scenarios since he averaged over 5 points per game more than any other Running Back.  We have highlighted the top QB and WR (Rodgers and Lloyd) to show how their rankings change dramatically based on the different league settings.




Required Starters

Draft Emphasis

1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR

Given that 24 starting RBs are required in this league, they are the focus early in this draft strategy.  Considering there were not 24 NFL teams with a Running Back that is not sharing carries this makes a lot of sense.  Notice the gap between Ray Rice and MJD (over 10 points) which allows for non-RB players to sneak in.

1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR

With only one starting RB per team in this league, Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers get serious upgrades with an edge to the QBs.  Notice how the top 6 QBs are within the top 10, and another QB does not show in the top 24.  At that point you want to load up on WRs or RBs.

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR

Starting 3 Wide Receivers catapults this position up the draft board primarily at the expense of the QB.  Running Backs still dominate the top due to the required starters per team.


This is just three examples of endless combinations that exist across different fantasy football leagues.  Are you in more than one fantasy football league?  One subscription to MidaSports.com can be used across multiple league settings!

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